Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ava's Room

I had lots of loving help to put this room together. My mom, Janet, did all the sewing: the quilt, bumpers, bed ruffle and a number of basket liners. My dad, Sal, installed the Italian Tule chandelier (that you can't see in the photo). Uncle Johnny and Uncle Chick built and installed the wood shutters and chair railing. My nephew, Alex, put the crib together for me and my nieces, Paige and Bianca, created beautiful self-portraits of themselves for the wall. And, I painted the room.
Ava's room is ready and waiting for her. Posted by Picasa
My nieces, Bianca and Paige created the self-portraits hanging on the wall. They did a great job! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 26, 2005

Ava's mom. Posted by Picasa

DTC Day!

Finally, the day I've been working towards- DTC (dossier to china). The end of months of paper chasing and the beginning of months of waiting for a referral (and then, more paper chasing).

I joined the DTC August 2005 Yahoo Group today and have already met a new friend who will most likely be in my same travel group (same agency, same DTC date). I also joined a Secret Pal Present Swap. I'll be assigned a "pal" that I will send a baby present to each month until referral time and someone will send me an annonymous gift each month- anything that combines baby shopping with gift getting can't be bad.