Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ava finds fun everywhere

I'm not proud of this but we did bribe Ava with M&M's for the smiling photos.

She just loves this new Dora ball tent.

We went to the Harvest Moon Festival that the local FCC hosted on Sunday. It was a bit warm here for a picnic (over 100) but it was still a fun day. Our family went out early and bbq hotdogs and made s'mores.

The kids made a train led by Kenzie, Ava got to sit, Amber held onto the back and Jason held onto her. It was very cute. And, yes, Mema has her Halloween decorations up. :)

Tempe's Sept 11 Tribute

Each year, the city of Tempe sets out nearly 3000 flags representing all the people that died on Sept 11. It's really amazing to see. Each flag has a card attached with the name, age, occupation and photo of someone that died. They place a stuffed animal at the base of each flag that represents a child.

Riding the pink unicorn

Aunti Debi bought Ava this pink unicorn a long time ago but she has just recently decided it's fun to ride. She has also attempted some circus tricks like standing on it's back.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Playdate with Maya

Labor Day