Wednesday, April 26, 2006

7-months from LID

Today also marks my 7-month anniversary from LID.

I've been reviewed

The September LID people have officially left the review room and entered the matching room. This is a big milestone. It basically means that my dossier has been reviewed and approved for adoption by the CCAA. Now it sits in the matching room along with all the dossiers for June, July, August & September. My best guess is that there are about 5000-6000 dossiers on top of mine. I'm still hopeful for a September referral but not holding my breath.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Two new US citizens

At our AZ FCC waiting families dinner last night, we welcomed home two of Arizona's newest residents and two very happy families. Both of the girls are so beautiful. It was so fun seeing the babies and hearing about the great times both families had in China.


I went in yesterday to update my fingerprints for my orphan petition (I171). Good news, they haven't changed.

Since my last appointment (Feb, 2005) took about 3 hours, I went in all prepared to spend my Saturday there. I had my book, notepad, sweater (incase in was cold inside) and a bottle of water. There was no one there. I walked in, filled out a quick form and was immediately brought back for fingerprinting. I should be good for another 15 months. I know I've said this before given this is my eighth fingerprinting since starting this adoption, but, this is my FINAL fingerprinting.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Ladybug earrings

My parents gave me these adorable earrings for Easter. I figure I'll wear them to China then put them away for Ava.

Pooh outfit

Found this Winnie the Pooh outfit at Mervyns last night. I've started purchasing 18 and 24 month stuff only- actually, I've been trying not to purchase anything but...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Baby Mulan from my Secret Pal

My August secret pal sent Ava the most adorable Mulan baby doll. She is so cute and I'm sure Ava will have lots of fun with her.
My Pal also put together a booklet about the history of Mulan- what a great idea. She researched the story and compiled the info herself. Thank you, Secret Pal, for being so thoughtful. Once again, you've been a great pal!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Brunch

To celebrate Easter, my family went for brunch today at a golf club that's about five minutes from my home. It was a beautiful day to eat outside. The twins just wanted to run free. They loved the ducks and huge fish that were in the pond. The carp were about 20" long and came right up to the edge of the pond to get food. I'm gonna guess that we weren't the first to throw them food.
Alex trying to keep hold of the twins, Kenzie & Kayla. They're a real handful these days.

Bianca and Paige had their face's painted.
This is my sister Sharon, brother-in-law Steve with their three children.
My mom and sister, Debi. We just found out this week that Ava's newest cousin, due in late August, is going to be a boy. We're all happy about this.
My dad with nephew Alex.
The girls with the Easter bunny.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Flower cake

We're having a potluck at work tomorrow. Here is my addition. I haven't made a decorated cake in some time. Inside is a rum cake with custard and strawberries.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Is this really so wrong...

I'm at the nail salon for a pedicure. All the people that work at the salon I go to are from Vietnam. I've been going there a while so my nail girl "K" always asks about the adoption. Here's how the conversation went (after telling her that things were pretty slow right now):

K: You know, I have family in Vietnam. I'm sure they can find a baby for you. If my sister had 3 kids and I had none, she would give me one of hers- that's commonly done. It would be easy to find you a baby.
Me: Really... and how would I get her back to the US?
K: You can travel there to get her.
Me: Without a passport for her? Definitely illegal.
K: What if you travel there and take her back as your own (birth child)?
Me: YOU can travel there and possibly claim her as your own but I couldn't get away with that. Short of moving to Vietnam, I just don't see how this would work out. Even with the BM willingly giving up the baby, it would still be baby trafficing, if not kidnapping since I never legally adopted the baby. Thanks for trying to help but, no.

This had to be one on my more "interesting" conversations with K. Definitely a different perspective.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

September DTC Pins

The September DTC lapel pins arrived this week. A big thank you to Jack for the ordering of the pins. And, a thanks to Phil for the design. I think they look really nice and as cloisonne pins, they will last forever.

I look forward to trying to find other September Moongazers while in China.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Good luck card

I had to share this thank you card that my niece Paige drew for me. Of course, that's me in the middle (stunning resemblence- especially the Barbie like figure) holding Paige and Bianca's hands.

The message is hard to read on this photo because it's in gold. It reads "Dear Aunti Shell, I love you so, so much. I hope you get your baby very, very soon. XOXOX Love, Paige"

Notice the ladybug and four-leaf clovers that are all around for good luck. They are just so sweet.