Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy few weeks...

Ava's new favorite color is yellow. She even picked out and put on her yellow crocs on her own.

For a full week now, Ava has been sleeping in her big girl bed. Yes, it's still in my room but I'm not ready to move her to her own room quite yet. Actually, I miss having her in my bed at night but am glad that she is enjoying her princess bed.

My birthday dinner with the family.

We joined our friends Shauna, Shalae and Connor at the new Children's Museum of Phoenix. It was lots of fun and we'll definately go back.

Nap time for the girls - pre-toddler bed.
We went for dinner at our friends home. It was supposed to be a double surprise baby shower but one of the moms-to-be got sick and cancelled last minute - we tried. But,
Kim and Scott were still surprised and we had a lot fun at their home. All the girls are getting so big and had a blast playing together.

Kim and her girls, Jadyn and Jenna. She is expecting a baby boy in September. We are very happy for them!

Typical Ava. She covers her eyes when she should be looking at the camera. Here are the girls: Jadyn, Jenna, Ava, Lily B. and Lily C.

Monday, July 07, 2008

It's already July

4th of July. I actually got a few photos of Ava smiling at the camera. Ava is a big smiler when she wants to be but has refused to look at the camera for some time now.

We went to a swim barbecue party of Sharon's house.

I'm trying to move Ava over to the big people's table- full-time. She already had been eating at the table at my parents home and when we go out to restaurants but we're just getting started at home.

Playing with her friend Shalae at Sheri's baby shower. The girls had a great time.