Sunday, February 26, 2006

Waiting families dinner- my home

The Arizona chapter of the FCC waiting families met at my home last night. Our featured speaker was MaLeesa and her husband Duane. MaLeesa teaches Baby Signs and is working on putting together a program to bring back to the orphanage that her daughter Zoe lived. Unfortunately, Zoe was home sick last night but I did get the opportunity to meet her at last month's dinner and she is a doll!!
Megan and Scott had to be the luckiest couple there. With a May 24 LID, they're expecting their first baby photos early this week!! How exciting for them. I can't wait to see their referral photos.
This is Miss Caeline, daughter of Lorraine. Caeline is 5 and an absolute sweetheart. Lorraine and Caeline are waiting for baby sister to come home. At some point during the evening Caeline took me by the hand and brought me over to Sammy, the cat. She then went on to quiz me about what and how often I was feeding Sammy and even after I showed her Sammy's food bowl, I'm not sure she was convinced that Sammy really didn't need to be hand fed.

In the pink shirt is Donna of Waiting for Lauren. Donna and her husband Joe were kind enough to come over early to help setup and stayed late for cleanup as well. Thanks!

After everyone left, I went in search of Sammy. It wasn't too hard to figure out where she would be relaxing. Since the nursery door remains closed most of the time, on the occassion that Sammy is allowed in, she knows right where to go. Sammy spent most of the evening sprawled across the nametag table, welcoming all the guests.

And, a big thank you to my parents, Janet & Sal, for their help with setup and cooking. I'm happy to say that there were some left over biscotti (dad's specialty) that I am now enjoying with my morning coffee.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ladybug Sighting

What a great way to start the day. My friend, Shauna, gave me this adorable Gymboree ladybug shirt and scort outfit. She bought the same outfit for her beautiful baby girl, Shalee. I hope Ava gets home soon so that they can take a picture together in their matching outfits. Too cute. Thanks, Shauna, for your thoughtfulness. The long wait has been hard but it's friends like you that make it better. I really love the outfit!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Referrals could be coming soon

According to one person, on one yahoo group (what do you want, it's a rumor), their agency told them that they are indeed expecting their next batch of referrals to be sent at the end of the month, February 28 (which is right in line with the table below). The big question is still the dates of the LIDs. Two weeks worth? Three or Four weeks worth? I have really high hopes for this batch so I'm going to be really disappointed if the CCAA only submits 2 weeks worth of LIDs. One more week to find out. And then, we're back to waiting for the next batch of referrals. ;)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Disturbing comment

Probably, the first of many to come. At work today, a co-worker and friend asked me if I had seen the American snowboarder in the Olympics that was adopted from Korea. We started talking about how excited his mom was watching him compete. His parents are big ski enthusiasts and had him skiing by the time he was two or three. She then went on to say "I wonder if his real mom knew that he was in the Olympics". I assured her that his "real" mom was there watching him compete and that his birth mother, the women who abandoned him, would have no reason to think that he was the child she gave birth to. She, of course, was very embarassed and apologetic but it still bothered me. I'm not mad at her because I know she wasn't intentially being unthoughtful but it did make me think about the many comments to come. I guess I'll have to grow some thicker skin.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Presents for Ava

My September secret pal has once again outdone herself. Look at all the cute gifts. I can't wait to find out next month who you are. Thanks so much for your generousity.
Here is a closeup of Sonya Lee. How cute is she. Other than her Chinese New Year's Barbie, this is Ava's first Chinese doll.

Monday, February 13, 2006

the possibilities

With weeks before the next batch of referrals, it's once again time to start spectulating about referral dates. The rumor out there today is that there will be a batch of referrals before the end of this month. Historically, there are not referrals sent in February due to the Chinese New Year. However, they did only close down for one week this year instead of the normal two week holiday.

This rumor further speculated that the next batch will go through mid-June LIDs- a four week time frame instead of the two weeks we've been seeing for months now.

So, assuming this is true and the referrals continue to come out once a month for a full months worth of LIDs, then here is where my Sept 26 LID would fall:

Feb 27 referrals = May 14 thru June 14 LIDs
Mar 27 referrals = June 15 thru July 14 LIDs
Apr 27 referrals = July 15 thru Aug 14 LIDs
May 27 referrals = Aug 15 thru Sept 14 LIDs
June 27 referrals = Sept 15 thru Oct 14 LIDs

I could definitely live with this scenario. The next few months should be very telling. If the referrals continue at only two-weeks worth of LIDs per month then I'm probably looking at October for a referral with travel between Thanksgiving and Christmas- my worst case scenario. Actually, that's not true. My biggest nightmare is not getting Ava home before 2007. Deep breaths...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ladybug book thongs

I'm hosting the local waiting families dinner at my home in a few weeks so my mom made these ladybug book thongs for each of the families. She's very thoughtful that way. I'm going to use mine in my travel journal -when I eventually get to travel. Meanwhile, it's holding my spot in my current read, "Memoirs of a Geisha".

Monday, February 06, 2006

More clothes...

Found some good deals at Dillard's this weekend. Pink was the color of the day.

The first pink dress has layers of sheer fabric that fan out making this a real party dress.

The little pant outfit has a suede and sheepskin jacket with corduroy pants, matching turtleneck and even some suede shoes.
The velvet and cotton hot pink dress will be cute with some patterned stockings.
The pink capri pants and tank will be great for this Arizona heat. Can't wait to see Ava in each of these outfits.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bianca turns 9!

Bianca's 9th birthday party was on Saturday. The girls started out at Libby Lu's for hair, makeup and nails. They all had a lot of fun. Pictured here are my nieces, Bianca on the left and Paige to the right. The place was fun, loud music and a sea of pink.
Their hair is done. Don't they look beautiful and much older than their 10 and 9 years, respectively.
Time for nails and makeup.
The "girls" all made up. Off to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mamma Says...

Confusious has nothing on Mamma. It's clear to me, Mamma knows what she's talking about.
Mamma Says Biscotti: the original Italian Fortune Cookie. Not the best cookies but you gotta love the fortunes.