Monday, January 15, 2007

The packing has begun

Well, not really the packing but the collecting of things for the trip. Really, it's just Ava's things- and boy does she have a lot of things. It might be time to re-evaluate what I need to bring to China for Ava and what I should get there.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cutie Pie!!

The FedEx guys

Within the China adoption community, taking a photo of the "FedEx guy" that delivered your referral package is traditional. Needless to say these guys were a little confused when I asked to take their photo but they were good sports.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Referral at last!!

Isn't she beautiful!!

Her Chinese name is
Xiao Jia Hui

to be
Ava Janet

Born: April 13, 2006
Hunan Province
Zhuzhou SWI

As of end of October
height: 24 inches
weight: 14 lbs
health: normal

DTC: 8/26/05
LID: 9/26/05
DOR: 1/3/07

Waiting for "the call"

I should be hearing from my agency sometime today. The European agencies received their referrals yesterday so the U.S. ones should be hearing soon. I left a message for my agency to see what time their DHL mail normally arrives but have not heard back from them. Hopefully, they are busy sorting through the referrals.

Still no definite cut-off date for the referrals. The European agencies that have already received referrals only had LIDs to Sept 27- apparently no Sept 28 or 29 with those agencies??? So, I know for sure that I will be included but there are many people logged in on Sept 29 who are anxiously waiting to see if they will get their referral today. Of course, the CCAA still has not updated their site.