Monday, January 15, 2007

The packing has begun

Well, not really the packing but the collecting of things for the trip. Really, it's just Ava's things- and boy does she have a lot of things. It might be time to re-evaluate what I need to bring to China for Ava and what I should get there.


Jamesons said...

I love all the pink!

Donna & Joe said...

WOW, that looks like a lot of stuff! A girl has to have a certain amount of cute outfits though, right?

That little two piece Sesame Street outfit is adorable. Ava is going to be stylin in China!

Donna :)

nikki said...

All of her stuff looks so cute!
But, if you do decide to downsize, you can get ANYTHING you need while you are there. Guangzhou is a great place to shop -- great stuff for great prices! We actually bought an extra suitcase while we were there for all the goodies we had purchased. (the suitcase was dirt cheap!)
How fun!!! Happy travels!

Christi said...

Love the Elmo stuff, we've just discovered how wonderful he is. Save plenty of room to shop in China, it's amazing!

Christi said...

Hi Michele,
I got the Gerber pedialyte packets at Vons grocery. You can print out coupons for them on the Gerber website and I think you can also search for store nearby. Happy Packing!

Anonymous said...

You are well organized. Do we really need all of that? I am going to go nuts cause I always over pack.

Nancy & Brian said...

Bring stacking cups. For some reason all the babies loved their stacking cups. Not alot a diapers, we brought some Huggies for night and plane ride, but bought the Pampers over in China that actually fit very well and didn't have one leaky problem. We bought a baby rattle (very simple) at a department store and it ended up being her favorite besides the stacking cups. Don't skimp on medicine. That is hard to find and Chinese pharmacies didn't have what we needed. Maybe a front pack to carry her in with lumbar support, like a baby bijorn. We had a hip hammock and neither one of us liked it. Excercise your back now, our backs killed us for days and days. The lap blanket you made us was absolutely perfect. We could use it to wrap her legs up when we were out as well as sleep. We put a heavier one on her to sleep. I'm so excited for you, we'll talk more before you go.