Friday, February 02, 2007

Baby Shower at Work

A big THANK YOU to all my Tempe friends that showered me and Ava with beautiful gifts yesterday. And, especially to those that organized it, Amber, Martha, Nikki & Shauna (who wasn't able to attend due to the birth of her son Connor yesterday morning).

Donna had this beautiful necklace made with Ava's photo on the charm- so sweet. The "All About Me" scrapbook set is really cool. It has all the items you need for each page and even a guide on how to lay this out. Ava received her very first, full-size Asian baby doll, it's an American Girl Bitty Baby. The hair clip box is a great idea and I'm sure we'll get tons of use out of it.

Ava received a number of beautiful outfits, shoes, books and gift cards. Thanks again for all the love and support over the many years this process has taken. I'm very blessed to have such wonderful friends. -Michele


Donna & Joe said...

Those outfits are all adorable, but that silky dress with the embroidery is to die for! I can't wait to see little Miss Ava (aka cutie pie) in that dress!

Donna :)

Lee-Anne said...

WOW! Fantastic gifts!

Nesting For Natalie said...

She will bethe best dressed girl EVER :)!
Amy C
Referral Feb 1, 2007

nikki said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful shower given by great friends. I love the gifts you pictured...the necklace is awesome!
I need to get one of the hair clip boxes -- I have one massive, messy drawer full!
Ava's little outfits are too cute as well, but yeah, that dress is AMAZING!!!!!!
You must post a pic of her wearing that one!