Sunday, April 23, 2006


I went in yesterday to update my fingerprints for my orphan petition (I171). Good news, they haven't changed.

Since my last appointment (Feb, 2005) took about 3 hours, I went in all prepared to spend my Saturday there. I had my book, notepad, sweater (incase in was cold inside) and a bottle of water. There was no one there. I walked in, filled out a quick form and was immediately brought back for fingerprinting. I should be good for another 15 months. I know I've said this before given this is my eighth fingerprinting since starting this adoption, but, this is my FINAL fingerprinting.

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Joannah said...

This refingerprinting scam needs to be put to an end! It's just an easy way to milk another $70 bucks out of us. It's horrible! I'm going for my first set of federal prints tomorrow and I really hope I won't have to go back next year. So sorry that you had to do that again.