Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving tradition

For the past four years, my Thanksgiving morning has begun with a dip in my hot tub- most relaxing. If you're thinking "She OBVIOUSLY doesn't host Thanksgiving dinner if she has time to lounge in a hot tub", you're right. This huge undertaking goes to my mom. And no one does Thanksgiving dinner better than mom.

This very pleasing start to my favorite holiday almost wasn't going to happen this year due to a broken "FLO" valve. Well, the repair guy came out today and I'm back on track for Thursday morning. The water is reheating as I write. Of course, this repair came at a price. The hot tub repair guy asked to use my guest bathroom, no problem. After he left, I went in to put the hand towel in the laundry, no used hand towel. Okay, so maybe he dried his hands on his shirt. So, I look in the sink, no water - EEWW!! Now I need to go around and disinfect. In the end, a small price to pay to continue my Thanksgiving tradition.

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Donna & Joe said...

This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry saw the chef not wash his hands in the bathroom, then offered to make Jerry a special meal. ;)

I hope you really enjoyed your soak in the hot tub, because this time next year you will probably be too busy chasing Ava around the house to take a dip ;)

Donna :)