Thursday, November 30, 2006

14 months down- 4 weeks to go!

The latest batch of referrals are already arriving at the agencies. They run Aug 26 thru Sept 8, 2005 - 13 days. This falls right where I expected.

Congratulations to all the families receiving referrals this time and especially to my local friends,
Nancy and Brian. I can't wait to see baby Lily!

If you look at the number of referrals and not the number of days in each group, the last few months have been pretty consistent. Whether the CCAA went through 11, 18 or 13 days, the same number of families received their referrals

So, based on the number of referrals remaining consistent, the next batch of referrals should go through Sept 29 - Oct 8, 2005 (keeping in mind that the CCAA was closed the first week of October so there is no one logged in between Oct 1 -7). Sept '05 is when the CCAA slowdown started and so there are a number of days in September with no one logged in. This is good for me :) since the referral groups over the past few months have been based on the number of babies available and not a time frame.

It's not a sure thing but I feel very confident that I will receive info on Ava in the next batch of referrals - which should come out sometime between Dec 25 and Jan 1. Whoohoo!!

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