Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Standing on her own...

Ava has been standing for a while but she just started letting go and standing on her own. I figure she will be walking in the next month or so.

Cousins, Bianca and Paige. Ava loves them both so much and they always make her laugh.
Ava's skin care secret: a banana and egg facial mask each morning.

Cousin Jason is such a doll. He is 4.5 months younger than Ava and they get along great.


Jennifer R said...

I love those pictures !

Anonymous said...

Ava has grown at least 6 inches since last month! ;) Seriously, she looks so tall! Gorgeous as ever, too!

Scott & Kim said...

Great pictures! It looks like Ava is changing a bit, maybe getting taller? Although, it is hard to look beyond that very adorable face and notice too much more!

Beverly said...

Lovin the bed head in the breakfast shot. She takes such cute pics. Yea on the standing thing.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the hair with the eggs.. Maybe I should take on her little secret mask.. HA HA
Love the toy in the first picture.. she must love it to. I've seen it before.. Take care..
She is a DOLL..

paige said...

hi its me paige,and i didn't see the picture of ava standing!i cant belive shes actualy standing!!!!!!!!!!!She's soooooooo cute!! (i think she looks up to me like a big sister)

P.s.I think she's cuter than a little china doll

p.s.s sometime we need to plan a play date at your house!

i love you and ava!


Tonia said...

She has such a FANTASTIC smile!! Love the pics.