Saturday, May 27, 2006

Day 1 of Month 9

Today marks the beginning of the ninth month since my LID of 9/26. The CCAA is supposed to make some announcement this week. There is much speculation on what this will be.

Will they talk about the slow down, about what timeframe their expecting the program to continue at or will it be more of the same "more families adopting domestically, less babies being abandoned." Although I'm sure both of these things are a small factor, I simply don't believe that there was suddenly such a drastic increase in domestic adoptions or decrease in abandonments to account for the quick change in timelines we've seen since Oct/Nov 2005.

I do believe the Hunan baby trafficking has caused the biggest impact on the slowdown but I would be surprised to see the CCAA talk about this.

There is also some thought that they might add some additional restrictions to adopting families with the families that are already LID having to meet the new criteria. The most talked about at this time is regarding weight.

I have to admit that I'm a bit nervous about what they're going to say. I know that if they're going to increase the timeline to some unreasonable wait (say 18-24 months) that it would be better to just know this but it would still be a huge disappointment to not have Ava home by the holidays.

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