Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Disappointing day

This month's 9 day batch of referrals was definitely a let down. They went from June 7 to 15. The earlier rumors had anticipated that the CCAA would make it through June 20-21, completing two full weeks. Not great but it at least left hope that next month's referrals could make it through mid-July.

The Russian government announced today that "Moscow will stop foreigners adopting children outside officially registered agencies in a step toward limiting the number of children who leave Russia". I don't know what impact this will have on people who are currently in that program but I'm sure the families that are already in process have to be really worried. That's a terrible situation to be in. The Eastern European countries are not known for their compassion or understanding for either the children or families of international adoption.

So, compared to the terrible blow that the families waiting for children from Russia felt today, waiting longer to complete an adoption in China isn't that bad. Although the CCAA hasn't exactly been forthcoming with information, they do seem to want the program to continue and, even though the referral batches have been very small these past three months (5, 7, 9 days), they are, at the very least, still referring children.

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