Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the highs and the lows

Early last week, the world was a happy place: the referral rumors were positive with the feeling that the CCAA could do all of July's LIDs and I was still 39. Life was good.

By last Thursday, rumors started flying that the cutoff will only go to July 13 (not good). By Friday, the CCAA's long awaited office move began, essentially closing the CCAA for an undisclosed period of time and delaying the next batch of referrals. As everything CCAA goes, there was no warning and it took days just to get a confirmation that this was indeed happening because, of course, an office move is top secret?? By Saturday, a number of international agencies told their clients that the wait is still anticipated to hit 18 to 24 months. And then there was Sunday, my 40th birthday and a fitting end to a crappy week.

Still not sure exactly when to expect this month's referrals. If everything was on schedule, they would come out by Monday. With the move, it's hard to say. It's rumored that they might not send referrals until the beginning of August which further mucks up my timeline. aauugghh!!

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