Friday, July 07, 2006

Need 90 days of referrals!

With the last batch of referrals going through June 28, there are now 90 days of referrals left to get to my September 26 LID. Keeping in mind that the referrals have been coming out on the 21st to 25th of the month, here are the possibilities:

July referral = 90 days of referrals in one batch- will never happen.

August referral = 45 day average over two months, although the CCAA has referred more days worth of LIDs than this at one time while trying to catch up in 2003, this is highly unlikely.

September referral = 30 day average over three months, doable.

October referral = 22.5 day average over four months, most likely.

November referral = 18 day average over five months, I consider this my worst case scenerio.

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