Saturday, December 03, 2005

gurgle, gurgle...

... that's my stomach you're hearing. Day 2 of a stomach virus. As I lay around the house doing absolutely nothing, which is all I can handle when I feel nauseated, I keep thinking about all those parents in China, spending their first days with their daughters and horribly sick from eating/drinking something they shouldn't have. An all too common situation for adoptive parents traveling to China. From the different blogs I've been following, it seems that about half the parents end up sick at least part of the trip. I really am useless when my stomach is upset, this will not due. For those of you out there that have BTDT, any advice on not getting sick while in China is appreciated.

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Eileen said...

Sorry you've been sick! Half the couples get sick, right in our case. Hubby got sick, I did not. My advice, don't brush your teeth with the tap water! :-) That's what hubby did. He thinks it was something he ate but I think it was the toothbrushing. We brought Cipro and that took care of it for him.

Get well soon!