Tuesday, December 20, 2005

too much shopping

As someone who truly loves shopping, it normally takes quite a bit to drive me to feel that I've shopped too long. Not today.

Einstein's at 9 a.m.
me: I'd like a dozen bagels, cinnamon raisin and sesame seed.
bagel guy: Will that be for here or to go?
me: hmmm. Although downing 13 bagels is tempting, I think I'll take them to go.
bagel guy: noticing the "you're an idiot" look on my face. You would be surprised by what people eat.
me: I'm sure.

Pier 1
I have a number of items, most things are on sale. Cashier is ringing up my order.
me: Did those cat food dishes come up on sale? (a gift for Sammy the Cat)
cashier girl: They should have.
me: Yes, but did they?
cashier girl: Well, I can't see any of the pricing until I complete the sale. So, after you pay, I can tell you how much they were.
me: my normally low tolerance for poor customer service is pretty much gone. That's just dumb.
cashier girl: That's the way we have to do it. If it is wrong, I'll reverse the transaction.
me: dumb, dumb dumb....

Danny's DRIVE THRU Carwash
I decide to do the quick and cheap $5 drive thru carwash. So, I go into the mini mart figuring I'll buy myself a gift card for car washes since they don't accept credit cards at the kiosk and I rarely have cash. After purchasing the $25 gift card:
cashier guy: Do you want to buy the $5 wash?
me: Well, I was going to pay at the wash.
cashier guy: Oh, you can't use the gift card at the wash, you have to pay here with it. You can only pay cash at the wash.
me: Since bringing the card into the mini mart to pay for the wash defeats the purpose of buying myself this card, I don't want it after all. I have $5 on me so I'll just go pay cash for this wash.
cashier guy: You have to pay for the $5 wash here. They will only take cash for the $8 wash at the kiosk.
me: What? That makes no sense.
cashier guy: Not my rules.
me: So, I can pay $8 cash but not $5 cash at the kiosk, am I understanding you correctly?
cashier guy: shrug
me: Then the only way to get a $5 wash is to park and pay inside the mini mart. You do realize that the whole reason people are willing to pay $5 for a spit shine is because they don't have to leave their car- thus the DRIVE THRU car wash. uugghh!!

I decided that was enough fun for one day.

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