Saturday, January 14, 2006

A girl can never have too many outfits

Ava better get home soon to start wearing some of her clothes. I'm running out of room for new stuff. One side of the closet is just 12 month clothing with a few 9 month sleepers thrown in and a giraffe costume that I couldn't leave .


Journey to Mia Lin said...

LOL and my hubby thought I had too many clothes already!

Just wanted to say hi. I added your blog address to my blog. Here is my address:

We just sent our dossier to our agency to be authenticated. good luck on your journey - Hope you get your referral soon!

Stephe said...

I LOVE all the clothes!! I am so envious! Aren't girls clothes just the BEST!!!

Don & Judy said...

Wish we lived closer. Your Ava and my Marlee could sport those cute cloths together! Isn't is so much fun to shop for our little darlings! I never bought so much pink! God Bless! Judy N in KC