Monday, January 16, 2006

Lifebook: Nursery spread

This is the first 2-page spread for Ava's lifebook. It's also my first attempt at scrapbooking. I learned a lot of little lessons working on this page so hopefully, the next spread will go a bit faster. I know that I like working with fabric and will continue to use fabric throughout the lifebook. The fabric from this page is the same as Ava's bedding.


Lisa~~ said...

Your pages are beautiful. I can't believe that these are your first, they are so creative! Ava is going to have a beautiful book.

bianca said...

Dear Auntie Shell, How did you make this web page? Love, Bianca

Lisa and Tate said...

WOW!!!!!! This is your first attempt??? Loved it!!! You have definitly got a talent for it...How do you work with fabric???? Great idea!!!!


Ava Baby said...

To Lisa and Tate:
I actually just sewed the fabric directly to the paper. I have an embroidery sewing machine so I have a number of fun stiches available to me such as hearts and even lettering. I also sewed the photos directly to both the fabric and to the paper. Worked great.

Stephe said...

Awesome Michele! Both you and Donna have the talent! I wish I had a sewing machine that embroidered!

Donna & Joe said...

Your pages came out just beautiful! LOVE how you incorporated the bedding fabric and the embroidery into the layout. That makes it so much more special. Your graphic designer eye must have really came in handy when planning the layout...I always have a total mental block when it comes to planning. It takes me forever to come up with the layout!

Donna :)

Kim said...

Wow, you're a born natural at scrapbooking! It's such a fun and addictive hobby. Please share more pages with us as you complete them!