Monday, January 30, 2006


If there is a fellow blogger that can help me figure out how to lower the header on this page, I would so appreciate it. I know so little about html coding that I wouldn't have gotten this far without a lot of help from my friend Donna. But, I'm afraid this is beyond both of us. ANY assistance would be greatly appreciated!!


Stephe said...

Hi Michele! Love the header! Aren't they completely frustrating. Do this. Go to someones blog that has a photo header that you like, and "view" their "source". It reveals their template and compare to yours. For instance, my template for the header photo is slightly different than yours. Check mine out and compare. Try it. It might just work. Let me know if this has made any sense to you. Good Luck.

Lisa~~ said...

Guess I must be here after you already figured out how to fix it as it looks great. Good job!

Julie said...

Looks great!