Thursday, June 08, 2006

Home improvements

Since it appears I have some extra time on my hands, I've decided to start a home improvement project. I've been thinking about this for a few weeks and I think the living room/dining room area will be the next project.

A few of the changes I'm thinking about include new curtains and the addition of valences, possibly adding a ledge to the windows and recovering the seat cushions on the dining room set to match curtains.

The artwork will definitely come down and I still don't have any ideas on what will replace it. I'm also considering selling the couch and chair. The space isn't that large so I thought some chairs might be more flexible than the couch. Since I'm trying to keep this project from getting too expensive, new furniture might not be an option.
I really like these ultra suede chairs that I found at Sam's Club. They're a khaki green although they appear more tan/grey in photo. I was thinking of getting two of these with the leather chair shown below.
This chair is really comfortable and I think the chocolate brown compliments the other chairs nicely. I haven't made any decisions but would love to get started in the next few weeks.

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