Saturday, June 17, 2006

Potato sack baby

I've been following a blog of a family that is currently in China. They have 2 bio daughters, one 3-year old daughter from China and they are there to get their 4th daughter, she's 19-months.

They've been to China before so it looks like they took more time to really plan a vacation prior to receiving their daughter. As part of their trip, they went to the Great Wall but in an area that is not touristy. It's very steep and has a chain that you can hold onto while you're making the 3-mile uphill walk. The father carried the 3-year old up.

The next day they went to another province that required an uphill, 4-mile hike (one way) to get to this beautiful postcard setting. As someone who would have died trying to make either of these hikes, I was really impressed.

Then, about two days later, they get their daughter. After about a day or two the mom writes how sore her back and arms are from carrying the baby. Say it isn't so. If this way-too-fit-mother is feeling pain carrying her daughter, what chance do I have?

How many of you waiting families are carrying around your potato sack baby to prepare? I'm trying to decide whether this will help.

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