Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Our second day together

Wow, the past 24-hours have been crazy. The eight families that I'm traveling with went to the Civil Affairs office in Hunan at about 10 am. We were led into a room that had about another 50 families from other agencies. Some already had their babies and others were waiting. The room was really loud with all the crying that was going on. My agency rep, Allison, walked in and announced that I would be the first in my group to receive my baby and seconds later, Ava, along with her nanny and the orphanage director, came in and I was immediately handed Ava.

She didn't cry but just cautiously looked around. Within 10 minutes, she had already smiled at us. She smiles a lot. She has the most wonderful, sweet personality. She even laughs out loud- something I knew would eventually happen but wasn't expecting it the same day.

After everyone had their baby, we returned to the hotel. I changed, bathed and dressed Ava without any crying. She really seemed to enjoy all the attention. She is so adorable and so small. I weighed her on the bathroom scale and she is only 13.5 lbs. I was told that she was 14 lbs about 4 months ago - obviously that wasn't correct. The outfit I dressed her in yesterday was a 3-6 month outfit. The 6 month outfits are big on her but will do for now and the 9 month outfits I brought with us will return home unused. Ava likes her foods. She has no teeth so is eating only formula and cereal and some mashed vegetables that they have at the hotel buffet- they actually have a baby food section on their buffet since there are so many babies staying at the hotel. The hotel we're at is filled with families adopting. Everywhere you look there are American and European familes with their beautiful Chinese babies. They have the hotel rooms equiped with a crib, baby bath and even a baby bowl and spoon.

We had two other paperwork meetings yesterday afternoon so it was about 5 pm by the time we got back to the hotel and then had a group dinner.

Ava sort of slept well. She went to bed and 8:45 pm but then woke up crying about an hour later. I was able to get her back to sleep but not back into the crib so she stayed in my bed. She then went on to cry for a few seconds but not really wake up, I'd rub her tummy and she would fall right back asleep- we did this about 20-30 times last night. She didn't really seem to be awake so I'm not sure if it was night terrors . She got up for the day about 5:45 a.m. so we'll see how the next few nights go.

Ava holds a link toy in one hand and a teether toy in the other and always has one or other in her mouth. She is a really happy, beautiful baby. She can stand on your lap for a few seconds at a time but her legs are pretty weak. She doesn't sit up too well either - we'll have to work on her arm/leg strength.

We are doing really well together- much better than ever imagined. Ava's perfect!


Dannye said...

she is just adorable, such big beautiful eyes, and what a lot of hair, thanks for sharing your journey with us waiting families...

debi said...

Hi Michele, Ava, Mommy& Daddy,I'm so happy that you are all having such a good time with Ava, she really is perfect! What a little angel, I can't believe how tiny she is, great news for your back Michele:) The pictures of Ava are so adorable I can't wait to hold her! Michele, Ava will probubly get up in the night less and less but I would definatly keep her in bed with you, atleast until you get her home in her own bed, when you rub her back, keep saying "mamas here, mamas here" thats what I did with all the kids when they half woke up in the night, soon she'll get use to the sound of your voice and it will comfort her back to sleep quickly.I love all of you and miss you, I'm looking forward to your homecoming, Mark,Bianca,Alex & Jason send their love and kisses, Have a great day, Love always, Debi oxoxoxoxoxo

Donna & Joe said...

Michele, she seems like a dream come true. She is SOOO precious!

Thank you for sharing all these photos with us! You're getting such great shots and she looks like a little doll in all of them. I love the one of you holding her in the carrier...you look so happy and that's great to see!

I'm glad everything is going so well for you and that she is so happy and healthy. That's the best thing you could ask for!

Donna :)

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

I am so happy for you. She is beautiful and perfect. You deserve it after all that you have been through! Thank you for posting so many pictures, You know we are living through you!

Colleen said...

She is sooooo beautiful. You are so very very blessed. Enjoy this time with her.

Beverly said...

Michelle, Ava is beautiful. Congrats on your new journey to mommyhood. Those are not night terrors Ava is having so feel comforted in that. You will know when she has one, there will be no mistake. She is just adjusting to new smells, sounds and feelings. Enjoy the bonding time in China.

Beverly & Glenys (my Wuzhou wonder)

Kathy said...

Michele and Ava,

I am so happy for you. She sounds and is adorable. I can't wait to meet her.

Glad all is going well. Give your parents my best.

What a remarkable journey.


A Special Family said...

Wow, she is so very very beautiful! Oh I am so very happy for you. Enjoy your time there in China, and Happy Forever :)

Myriam and Stephanie said...

Hi Michele,Janet, Sal and Baby AVA,
We are so happy this moment has finally arrived for you. Ava will soon learn what a dedicated and loving Mother and family she has.
She is just perfect and We wish you the very very best...Your moment of glory is here.. embrace it! We can't wait to meet her. Have a wonderful time and safe return. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy.
xoxoxox Myriam and Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Ava is SO beautiful! I bet you are just over the moon right now...to us, it still seems like a far away dream. Next fall is going to hit us like a truck and I can't wait! It has been to painful to do to much 'nesting' because of the uncertainty with the wait. But this summer I am going to kick it into full gear and get ready for FM!!!!!!!!

I am SO happy for you, and can't wait until it's our turn!

Sheryl~Waiting for FM

Stacey said...

Ava is a sweet little angel. Congrats to you and keep an eye out for us at the White Swan...We will be looking for you. Stacey

Anonymous said...

WOW - I am so happy to hear about the milestones (smiles, laughter, pretty good sleeping) you have already hit! Ava is not only gorgeous, her outfits are GLAMOROUS! Love seeing her all dolled up! Take good care. :)

Amber said...

She is perfect! What an angel. It's hard to remember 13.5 pounds. I want to see her! Giver her a big hug and kiss from us ok. Keep talking to her Mom :) Love, Amber, Mike and Thomas

Anonymous said...

I have just returned to the land of the living after visiting my family in WA. Miss Ava is absolutely beautiful. Wow, she is just perfect. I am so happy for you that everything is going so well. All your pictures are great--good photogragher!