Saturday, March 03, 2007

We're in Beijing

It was a long day but we just made it to our hotel in Beijing a little bit ago. Was able to get internet access for 38 yuen per day. We were up at 3 a.m., friday (Phx time) or for 26 hours now.

It is raining here and supposed to snow tonight- by the way, it doesn't snow in Beijing. It looks like it will clear up but be cold for the next two days of sightseeing.

Met three of the other families from my agency and they are all very nice. The remaining five families will be here in a few hours.

I'll post some photos tomorrow after our first day around Beijing.

Advice for those who follow: if you fly United, upgrade to the Economy Plus. It was only $299 per two people but worth the extra leg space. Also, for any luggage you will be carrying on, make sure that you have a piece with wheels (you can always stack a duffle on top). There is a lot of walking around and waiting in line - no over the shoulder bags.


paige said...

hi you guys. its me Paige and the so exited for you to finally get there.i cant wait till you get the beautiful baby Ava.i was bored last night because i couldnt go downstairs because nobody was there.are you having a great time in China so far even if you havent been there that long. you probroly are.i wish i could call you and i really wish i could be ther with you.did you know yesterday was Dr.Suess's birthday. the big girls are starting to wear underwear,(we had to wash every single one of them because you know why.)ill be looking looking at the web site every day until you get back from China. P.S i miss you very much. P.S.S ill try to write notes on every new thing you write. P.S.S.S Nate is coming over tonight.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxxooxo!!!!!!!!!!!i love you guy so much! have lots of fun! Love, Paige Kenzie and Kayla,(and pepper) :)

Scott & Kim said...

Glad to see you are in Beijing and are able to post! :-) WOO HOO!!! One more step closer to your sweet daughter!!

Kim, Scott, Jenna & Jadyn

Bianca said...

Dear Auntie Shell,Mema,and Papa,Im glad you are safe in China i miss you already so much and its only been a few hours! How are you doing? do you like it thier I love you sososososos much and I cant wait til you come home with Ava Im going to look at all the pictures of what you see every day. I hope you have fun there. Jason tried a new food yesterday apples and cherris he seemed to like it I took my stupid states and capitals test I dont know if I did to well and I shared my biograghy puppet with my second grade buddie who doesnt pay attention to well oh well I guess thats it. oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo love Bianca and Jason

Lisa~~ said...

Getting closer to Ava!! Have fun in Beijing even if it does actually snow.

debi said...

Hi Michele, Mommy and Daddy, I'm glad your long flight there is over I hope it wasn't too bad, now you can have some fun sight seeing and shopping,that is after some much needed rest, I cant wait to see the pictures of all of you holding sweet Ava, I looked at her picture this morning and said, "mommys comming baby!" I love you all so much, stay warm and safe, I miss you, Love Debi

Kathy said...

So glad you are in China! I tracked your flight yesterday and was filled with excitement as you got closer and closer. Can't wait to see pictures. Oh, glad it is not rainy. :)



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you arrived safely. Have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to see pictures of Ava.
Lorraine, Mariah, Caeline and Kianna

Lee-Anne said...

Glad you guys made it safe and sound! Thanks so much for the luggage tips!

Enjoy (chilly) Beijing!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are safely in Beijing, but how strange it might snow? Oh well, you can tell Ava all about that since she won't know what snow is living in Sottsdale, AZ! ;)

Thanks for the travel tips too. Get some rest - your angel will be in your arms very soon! YEAH!:)

Donna & Joe said...

Michele, so glad you guys got in safe and sound. Guess the economy plus seats worked out well with the extra room. That must have been a life saver on the flight.

By now you are touring all the sites in Beijing. Hope your having a great time and getting lots of photos for Ava's lifebook.

You're SOOO close to Miss Ava must be SO excited!

Looking forward to your next update.

Donna :)

tocspaw said...

By the time you read this you'll be out braving the cold in Bejiing. So glad you made it there safely and are able to take in the sights. In just a short time, you'll meet little Ava - and mommydom begins! We're so excited for you!!

Stephe said...

I am so EXCITED that you are in China now!!! You know I'm hanging on your every post!! Can't wait til you meet AVA!!! :)

Sherri said...

I'm thrilled you arrived....can't wait to hear more. Right now, it is almost Tuesday morning for you!

(AHH singles group)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Michele,
Finally got computer working, in time to see your beautiful baby girl!!! What a doll! So happy for you, finally!! See you when you get home. Love, Aunt Ginny