Saturday, March 25, 2006

6 months from LID

Tomorrow will mark the 6 month anniversary from my LID of Sept 26. The crappy thing is that I don't know if that puts me 75%, 50% or just 25% through the process. I could adjust to any timeframe if I just knew what to expect.

After spending the past four days at a Photoshop World conference in South Miami Beach with no computer access, I was looking forward to coming back to some good referral news. Instead, I'm hearing some nonsense about the next group only covering 5 days worth of LIDs- May 26 to May 30. Say it isn't so. If this turns out to be true, I can't even think about where that would put my referral timeframe.

The CCAA also posted that they've reviewed dossiers through August 31. This makes the referral rumors even more puzzling. If the reason things seem to be going slower is because there are more dossiers to process, doesn't it make sense that the back up would take place in the review room where they are actually reading and approving your dossier?? By the time a dossier goes to the referral room, it should be a pretty simple process. As far as there not being enough paper-ready babies, that seems pretty simple to fix as well. From everything I've ready, less than 10% of the babies in the SWI system are adopted. There definitely doesn't seem to be a shortage of babies.

I'm really trying to not let this bring me down but I can't help it. The process has already been so long and I need some good news for a change.

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Lisa~~ said...

The good news: No matter how long the wait, you already have 6 months in. Hopefully we will all have our babies soon!!