Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Secret Pal

March marks the last month of the original August Secret Pal swap and the first month of the new pal swap. So, these beautiful gifts are from my new August Secret Pal (after this month, she'll be my only secret pal with the September swap ending this month as well).

The theme this time was ABC. "Adorable" bib, bug book, and catipillar toy. Very clever. I know I'm going to love my new pal because we have the same taste. I've actually purchased one of these items for my new Aug secret pal- can't tell you which since she might see this post.

The ladybug opens up to a book. It's hard to tell from the photo but the center of the flower is a mirror. So cute.
This is Ava (top) and Michele written out in Chinese. I've been wanting to find the translations to add to Ava's scrapbook- you read my mind!!

Thank you for the wonderful presents. I really do love them.


Joannah said...

Hi, I just found your blog. I love your nursery! I'll check in frequently to see how things are going!

Stephe said...

Michele, I LOVE the ladybug book. It's soooo cute!!

Eileen said...

I got that ladybug book from my SP for our last adoption! She gave it as a Christmas present. It's really cute!

Carrie & Family said...

You have an awesome secret buddy!! It is so fun to join these secret buddy lists to help past the time.

Love all the gifts you received!