Sunday, March 26, 2006

Helpful medical items for trip

The AZ FCC Waiting Families dinner was last night. Kathy, from FCCAZ , mother of two daughters from China and pharmacist, was our guest speaker. She handed out a great list of medical items to bring on the trip. Here is a shortened explanation of the items:

1. Antibiotics- 10 day supply. Some that do not require refrigeration include: Zithromax, Biaxin, Bactrim or Septra. Antibotics may be needed for ear infections, skin infections and pneumonia. Cefzil covers all three conditions.

2. Syringe- to give medications.

3. Elimite or Eurax cream- prescription cream to treat scabies.

4. Nix cream rinse or Permethin 1% - head lice. Nix is safe for children.

5. Acetaminophen drops- for an irritable child running a fever of 101 or more. Dose: 1 dropperful (1/2 tsp) for child 13 to 17 pounds. Can give every 4 to 6 hours. As a pharmacist, she DOES NOT recommend giving baby Motrin.

6. Digital Rectal thermometer- they're safer than glass and the ear thermometers are not that accurate on babies.

7. Benadryl- It is safe to give 1/4 to 1/2 tsp every 6 hours during the flight home if your child is not consolable.

8. Mylicon drops- for gas and irritability caused by stomach upset. May dose up to 20 x per day- very safe. One dropperful per dose.

9. Hydrocortisone cream 1%- may be helpful with rashes due to bug bites, new soap, clothes, etc. Do not use if rash looks infected.

10. Desitin diaper rash cream- diaper rash is dry, red, irritated skin- it's not weepy.

11. Nystatin cream or Lotrimin cream- may be used for diaper rashes that are red and weepy, often caused by a yeast infection. This often occurs when children are on antibotics.

12. Babylax or glycerin suppositories- useful for constipation. It may be helpful to try mixing apple juice in a one to one ratio with water before going to this extreme.

13. Saline nose drops- such as Ocean, Nasal or Ayr. For restoring moisture and for nasal congestion. It is especially helpful before eating or going down for a nap when the nose gets congested.

14. Pedialyte or KaoLectrolyte- formula substitute to use incase of diarrhea. NOTE: if you run out of pedialyte, you can mix a pinch of salt and 1/2 a sugar packet with water in bottle- will work the same. Kathy mentioned that she did this with all water bottles while they were in China.

15. Small ear syringe- Put one spray of saline solution in nose then suction the nose once (not repeatedly) with the ear syringe (smaller than the nose syringe) for nasal congestion.

16. Adult medications- if you are prone to sinus infections, it is suggested that you bring along a prescription sinus medication for the adults. Also, I didn't realize that prescription medications should all have a pharmacy label on them.

17. Eucerin, Cetaphil or Aveeno Baby lotion- Asian children have very dry skin so a good lotion is needed. Stay away from scented lotions.

Note: most of this list was provided by Deborah Borchers, MD

Another really helpful thing that Kathy provided was the web address for the Pediatric Medical Kit (formally the Texas Medical Kit). It costs $85 but includes presciption antibotics and scabby cream as well as a number of other over the counter items. I don't think you can order until you have a referral and some specific baby info. The address is:

The last thing she handed out was a 6 page document that comes from the FCC website on "Medical testing recommended for International Adoptees" Some really good info. Kathy suggested bringing this list to your pediatrician since most are not well versed in international adoptions and what they should be testing and vaccinating for. I've heard mixed views on re-vaccinating your child. She recommended it but this is something each family will need to decide.


Joannah said...

That's invaluable information. I bookmarked the Orphan Allies site for future reference. Thank you!!!

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Thank you - I am going to print this out right now!

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What wonderful information, thanks for sharing! I am saving all this immediately!

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Hi Michelle,
This is Markelle soon to be Ari's mom. I just wanted to thank you for the information. It is great!!!